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Learning About Automotive Parts

Need To Change One Or More Tires? Here Are Some Different Jacks That You Can Use

Paula Shaw

Whether you're changing a single flat tire on the side of the road or are swapping all four summer tires for winter tires late in the autumn, there are a variety of car jacks that you can consider using. Each type of jack has its benefits and is used in different ways, allowing you to get the job done correctly and safely. Typically, your vehicle will come equipped with one type of jack, but you may wish to purchase other jacks — typically sold where you buy your tires — if you frequently change your own tires. Here are some jacks to consider for the job.

Scissor Jack

A scissor jack is normally the type of jack that comes in the trunk of your vehicle when you buy it. It's perfect for hoisting one corner of your car when you have a flat tire, because it doesn't take up much space in your trunk and can be easily operated by a hand lever or a wrench, depending on its style. A scissor jack is arguably the least stable of any type of jack, meaning that while it's useful in a tire emergency, you probably don't want to use it if you're changing between summer and winter tires a couple times a year.

Bottle Jack

A bottle jack gets its name because it's shaped like a bottle. It's placed under the frame of your vehicle and extends upward when it's pumped by a handle, but you can also operate the jack with an air compressor. It can typically allow you to jack up your vehicle to change a tire quicker than a scissor jack, especially if you're using an air compressor. For this reason, many automotive enthusiasts use this type of jack in their driveways when they're changing their tires.

Trolley Jack

A trolley jack is an ideal tool for keeping in your garage for changing your tires. It's large and heavy, so you won't carry it in your trunk for emergencies, but it's a valuable ally in your driveway. The trolley jack has wheels, so you can easily push it under any given corner of your frame, pump on the handle a couple of times and lift the vehicle off the ground. This is the fastest way to jack up your vehicle to change a tire, and you can lock the handle of the jack so that it remains in the upper position, giving you a high degree of stability and a low risk of the vehicle toppling over.

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