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Learning About Automotive Parts

Guide To Buying Wipers For Your Automobile

Paula Shaw

If your windshield wipers are starting to squeak and streak, it may be time to have them replaced. The question is – does it matter what kind of windshield wipers you purchase as a replacement? Truthfully, every single vehicle has a different quality and size of wipers they require. For this reason, you are going to need a guide to make sure you purchase the right set of wipers.

Think About the Material and Shape

Wipers now come in a variety of materials, including silicone and plastic. The blades are made of various degrees of rubber, with some heated and others contouring to fit the shape of the windshield. The one you buy will be a personal preference in many cases. Heated blades can help to remove frost during the cold winter months, while those that contour will wipe away all debris easily and quickly.

There are downsides to the materials. Contouring blades tend to be shorter options, so may not reach the top of your windshield. Silicone blades aren't always rigid enough during winter months.

Think of the Time of Year

You can change the type of wiper you have during different times of year to help protect the lifetime of the blades. Winter blades will protect against frost and ice, so they don't tear and split as easily. If you suffer from frosted windshields regularly and need your car right away, you could opt for heated blades. However, some lukewarm water on the windshield and sturdy winter blades may be perfect for your frosty needs.

The downside of winter blades is that they're not great against the UV rays in the summer. Silicone wipers will offer this benefit instead.

Get the Right Window

Which blades need replacing? Rear wipers may not be used as often as front ones, but they are still important and will need replacing now and then. The size is designed for the smaller window and viewing area. They are also designed for only one blade to do all the work, whereas front blades are designed for two blades to cover their own sections of the windshield. The blades aren't interchangeable, so you will need to make sure any blades you find online are for the right window.

Check the Sizing Requirements

Blades come in different sizes for different types of windscreens. Check the sizing requirements that you need, which should be indicated on the blades themselves. You'll also be able to check for make and model of vehicles, as well as age. Blades that are too short will lead to streakiness in the water and won't clear the whole view.

What do you want from your blades and what time of year is it? Getting the right type of blade for the season will help protect the lifetime of the blades. Take your time to go through the tips above to avoid wasting your money. For more information, contact companies like Godfrey Brake Service & Supply.