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Learning About Automotive Parts

Hello, my name is Talon. Welcome to my site about automotive parts. After 15 years of driving, I still have my very first car. For a long time, this cherished vehicle sat under a car cover in the garage. Now that I have the time and funds available, I started slowly restoring the car from the bottom up. I used a mix of original equipment and aftermarket parts to renew the vehicle’s suspension, brakes, engine, transmission and other important components. I will use this site to explore all of the parts you may need to buy or rebuild to restore your own vehicle. Thanks for visiting.


Learning About Automotive Parts

Heading Out On A Road Trip? Stick These Things In Your Trunk First

Paula Shaw

Your vehicle may be only a machine, but if you are like most vehicle owners, you fully rely on that machine to take you where you plan to go every time you crawl behind the wheel. Unfortunately, as machines can go, you never know when your vehicle will fail you and leave you facing a problem. This is why you should always be prepared before you take off on any extended road trip in your vehicle. Before you hop in the car and take off, make sure you put these items in your trunk first. 

1. Jumper Cables - Your battery is perfectly fine now, but you never know when something could go wrong and leave you with a depleted car battery. Having a good set of jumper cables on hand is a must as a responsible vehicle owner. 

2. Portable Air Pump - Portable air pumps are always a nice addition to your emergency driving collection. These pumps plug right into the cigarette lighter outlet in your car and charge using your car battery. This portable pump can provide you with enough air to fill up a flat or top off a spare that may not be as air-filled as it should be after being stored away for months in your trunk. 

3. Motor Oil - You don't have to necessarily keep enough oil on hand to fill your oil reservoir, but you should at the least keep a quart or so with you when you travel. If an unsuspected oil leak leads you to not having much oil in your engine, you will have a quart to drop in whenever it is needed, which could be enough to prevent your motor from locking up altogether. 

4. Flashlight and Batteries - It sounds logical enough, but a lot of people still forget to keep a flashlight and batteries in their trunk when they head out on a road trip. The fact is, it is just as easy to find yourself stranded in the middle of the night as it is in the day, and you will definitely need a flashlight to see what's going on under the hood. 

5. Tow Straps - This may sound like overkill, but having a basic tow strapon hand in an emergency can be a major benefit. These straaps can be hooked to the backend of another vehicle and then under your front bumper to pull you off the road of something happens and you get stranded right out in the highway. 

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