Hauling Your Horses: 3 Reasons to Invest in a 5th-Wheel Trailer

An estimated 9.2 million horses call the United States home. If you are an equine enthusiast, you likely understand that owning horses can pose some unique challenges when it comes to transportation. Being able to reliably move your horses down the road gives you the ability to compete in shows and other events away from home. Investing in a 5th-wheel trailer can be your best option when it comes to hauling animals. Here are three reasons why you should purchase a 5th-wheel trailer for your...

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Questions To Consider When Shopping For A Truck Shell Or Cover

Getting the most out of your truck may mean that you need to close in the bed. When it comes how to close in the bed, though, you have many choices. There are a variety of covers and shells on the market for every make and model of truck. The following guide can help you figure out which is the best option for your needs. What do you typically haul? This is the most important question to answer. If your hauling often includes large items, such as furniture, that won’t easily fit into a...

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4 Tips for Purchasing a Used Semi-Truck

After several years of working for transportation companies, some experienced truck drivers decide that they would like to work for themselves as owner-operators. Running your own routes and making your own schedule can be a dream come true, but in order to be an owner-operator, you need your own semi-truck. Since buying a semi-truck is a big financial investment, it is often best for new owner-operators to start out by purchasing a used semi-truck that is in good condition. Use the following...

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